Oct 8, 2016

Got super duper stressed after entering Senior High

Hi guys, in this chance i will talk about things in Senior High.
You know, most of people said that senior high is the best school years they've ever had. But... i think, it's too hard if you are not really ready for big things. I'm just like two months and still a green leaf, but i think it's so depressing. Many problem comes and that's a big deal.

The first is the subjects, the subjects were too tight and it doesn't fit with our body and sleeping time, it's interupt our sleeping time because a stacks of homework that the teacher gave us in school. Except you are liking to study, and study is your hobby, or you are just a genius since born.

Okay, and the second is, friendship life. Very annoying. Many of your friends will talk a swear words more often than in Junior High, you will not really noticing it, but yes they are (it will happens if you lived in a big metropolitan city like Jakarta). And they (usually boys) will judge you by your looks. Like fat, skinny, dark skin, or crooked teeth (based on my own experiences haha). Not just like that, they will satirize you if you are rebelling their words while they're teasing you.
But, i'm suggesting you all to be quiet although they will keep teasing you. It's the best way.
Still, they're distinguish their treats with pretty girls. They will be 180 degrees treat pretty girls better. They oft tease pretty girls in case to be closer and find attention with them. It's a discrimination that i hate the most.

bye, i will talk about my grammar mistakes later.

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